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For NK Maribor in 2012 we created a calendar in which we focused on fine detail, which, although we sometimes don't notice them, are a very important part of the forthcoming religion of "purples". For the "Purple Army", we opened the door to backstage and close up the details which many people have not seen before.


Playing with rapid accelerations, attacking with full force to hit from the long distances. There are also angles that create tension, the extent of the field, the ball that will be forever round ...
Football is certainly accompanied by a lot of physics and mathematics, so we put together a 2013 calendar using geometric shapes that surround the moments captured by the football matches of purple ones.


Football field is often as a battleground - only instead of a life or death football players struggle for victory. Team NK Maribor in 2013 proved to be super heroes, so using illustrations we put those heroes on the photos of the calendar year 2014.

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