ŽAK-THE HERO / Contest - Plaktivat 3

Project Plaktivat in collaboration with UNICEF Slovenia announced contest on the theme "Violence among young people".
Our proposal is advocating the position that children need to communicate through the game.
Pac-man, cult computer game was chosen because it represents the metaphor of life of a children at risk, who are constantly attacked by bullies, whether it is physical or verbal violence. Children, we wanted to communicate that Blinky, Pinky, Inkey and Clyde are not omnipotent, also they do not need to attack back in order to achieve points or success, the only thing they have to do is to overcome fear and to go for help. With the poster we wanted to encourage children to move out of the place, where they are stuck powerless and to find solace in the points that provide protection against bullies. These points are in the form of a blue smiling homes, called Safe points.
What children need is a simple display of life with which they can identify. In this case, this is a game, that speaks a story about UNICEF's Safe points. The poster presents a message that does not warn children, but invites them to react, to move into the shelter of safe points and thus take a step to success.

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